Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who am I?

A couple of friends who are Black told me that I'm a Black man in an Asian man's body.

I told one of my close friends, who is Black, that in Summer 2007, I went to Atlanta and saw Dr. King's mausoleum.  As soon as it came into view, my heart felt heavy and I started weeping silently with one phrase echoing in my mind: "how he fought for us".  Without hesitation, my friend replied, "Yep, you are Black."

What if I am and what if I'm not? Does it mean anything?

There are, of course, a lot of people out there believing that they are a different gender on the inside... or, it's a stretch, a different age.

But what about race?

Sure, there is "acting Black", putting on this mask to pretend to be someone else all in the name of popularity or acceptance among peers (usually of the same gender).  But what about "being Black"? The submergence of another culture, to be accepted as part of the whole community?

Do I believe that I am a Black man in an Asian's body?
To a certain degree, yes... maybe I'm just discovering this dormant spirituality within me that radiates the energy of a Black man, and it's a part of me that I should welcome with open arms. One thing I know for sure:

I don't act Black, I feel Black.

This blog's purpose is to explore and welcome that side of me, I shall speak with the voice of a Black man who's born into a different life and body, the one of an Asian.  Please join me in this journey of self-discovery, as I ask myself "Who am I?".

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