Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joseph Beam Quote

Black men loving Black men is a call to action, an acknowledgement of responsibility. We take care of our own kind when the night grows cold and silent. These days the nights are cold-blooded and the silence echoes with complicity.

-Joseph Beam "Brother to Brother: Words from the Heart"

I am not the center in my circle of black gay friends.
I encourage them to care for and nurture each other.
Because there is not enough support between black gay men. 
Because when one is down, he should know who and where to run to: someone familiar, someone that he can call his brother from his heart.
Because we are all a part of the community and to be shunned away is one of the biggest abominations that could happen.
Because when one falls, we all fall harder.

I want to serve as a reminder, a friendly nudge.
Next time you roll yours eyes or turn your head away from a brother, ask yourself, do you AND do WE deserve to be treated this way?

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